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The Art of Living and the Art of the Land

A family-run company that combines tradition with modernity, Durance was founded in Provence at the foot of Grignan Castle. Its products are the fruit of Durance's passion for the Art of provençal land and of its preference for the Art of Living. 

The Art of Living


Elegance : a taste for details that ennoble one's life

Durance pays close attention to the details that make moments precious or places all the rarer, such as the hand-tied raffia ribbon around a candle.

Serenity and Harmony with Nature

Durance promotes an Art of Living that invites nature into your daily life, providing greater harmony and serenity.

The pleasure of granting oneself a nurturing pause

For Durance, the Art of Living also means making a bit of time for oneself, such as the time it takes to massage some oil into the skin.



The Art of the Land


Our criterion : exceptional varieties

With its wealth of knowledge and extremely high quality standards, Durance only uses the most noble and precious of Provence's natural ingredients.

Respect for the Seasons and for the Land

Durance respects both the Seasons and the Land, thus obtaining the most exceptional of natural ingredients.

Art and Method

Durance treats its exceptional ingredients with the greatest of consideration to ensure that all possible benefits go into its products. Thus, the Ancian Rosa roses are treated within two hours of being picked so as to guarantee optimum freshness.

Nature: promoting Well Being

For Durance, perfume is the creator par excellence of Well-Being. Made in Grasse and inspired by Provence, it transposes the truths of nature, thus evoking our emotions. 






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