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Our Grasse perfumers have designed six astonishing fragrances. In its Eaux de toilette l'Ome collection, Durance pays a fragrant tribute to the mythical and beneficial plants that evoke Provence. Enchanting and warm, their notes reveal the diversity of Provence's richness, like a collection of masculine portraits.

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  • After Shave Cream with Sea Buckthorn extract L’Òme

    After Shave Cream with Sea Buckthorn extract L’Òme

    Thanks to a light and non-fat texture, this cream is quickly absorbed by the skin. 

  • Shower Gel Fresh Mint L’Òme

    Shower Gel Fresh Mint L’Òme

    Mint, a plant with myriad secrets, is said to have been discovered during the time...when gods lived on Mount Olympus, and used for immortalising fragrance of one’s beloved. Strongly Mediterranean in origin, its richness evoked by distinctive captivating scent, and revealed in its purifying, refreshing and stimulating properties.

  • eau de toilette bois de figuier

    Eau de toilette L’Òme Fig Tree Wood

    The fig tree, the symbol of pleasure, is a pillar of the Mediterranean civilization. Its...fruit, fig, source well-being with its warm, leafy fragrance and skin softening properties. 

  • Eau de Toilette Zeste de Vétiver

    Eau de Toilette Vetiver Zest

    The south of France has always been a port of call for traders and the world’s plants. Vetiver revealed its rich attributes to its gatherers: its typical wooded fragrance, signature note in elegant men’s fragrances its ideal cosmetic properties men.The L’Òme [omé] care line with essential vetiver oil bears Provençal name meaning ‘man’ as tribute to this cultural heritage.Durance celebrates men through vetiver, the emblematic grass. Our perfumers in Grasse have developed L’Òme, woody scent softened by grapefruit zest. With its notes citrus delicately smoked wood it evokes Provence, an area natural, magnetic charm.

  • Eau de toilette - Wild Sea Buckthorn

    Eau de toilette - Wild Sea Buckthorn

    The notes of sea buckthorn call to mind images of Provence and the paths leading...this wild bush.

  • Eau de toilette - Fresh Mint

    Eau de toilette - Fresh Mint

    The crushed mint notes bring to mind the different Mediterranean scents of Provence.

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