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For its Oulivo collection, Durance has choose to use: Organic olive oil from Nyons, very rich in fatty acids with their essential properties for dry skin : nourishing, softening, protective and regenerating. Beneficial extracts and delicious perfumes inspired by Provence: extract of protective olive leaf, regenerating fig and softening poppy.

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  • Nourishing shower oil

    Nourishing shower oil

    Its silky texture transforms into a delicate foam, enveloping your body with a nourishing, satin-like...veil.

  • Nourishing dry body oil with olive leaf extract

    Nourishing dry body oil with olive leaf extract

    This dry body oil combines 4 exceptional oils (olive, grape, borage and musk rose oil)...with protecting olive leaf extract. Liquid quickly absorbed, this skincare leaves your skin nourished, soft beautiful delicately perfumed.Massage into skin using light circular motions on a single area or all over your body.

  • Vegetable Soap with a Rope

    Vegetable Soap with a Rope

    Durance Vegetable Soap with a Rope is a traditional soap rich in glycerin, vitamin E...and Organic Olive Oil from Nyons. 

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